Tennis Lighting

SES lighting has significant expertise in providing Tennis lighting solutions for clubs and residential Tennis Courts.
Being in the business for more than 40 years, Tennis lighting maintenance and installations has constituted a significant part of the business. Our extensive experience makes us the most trusted solution providers with impeccable customer service.
Since lighting conditions greatly affect player performance and audiences’ experience, it is important to ensure a well-lit playing area and even distribution of installed luminaries.
Our lighting installations provide clear visibility within specified intensity and color range as well as adhere to the specifications laid down by respective sports authorities, and also meet the Australian Standards for outdoor Tennis.
For Tennis lighting using Metal Halide Luminaries which were part of the standard practice had experienced almost a monopolistic advantage for many years. The introduction of LED lights made Metal Halide loosen its grip on the sports lighting industry.
LED Luminaries are far superior quality alternatives that provide reliability, instant switch on, power savings and Lower maintenance costs with reasonable control over lighting conditions. 

Selecting Tennis Lighting:

  • Selecting appropriate Tennis lights depends on the type of usage and preference. Another factor that affects the selections is local authorities’ regulations regarding sports lighting installations.
  • The floodlighting levels are decided according to the intended standard of play.
  • The lighting requirements are mainly classified into 3 categories that include top-level or international level competitions or training sessions, regional level competitions and the third category includes club competitions or general training sessions.
  • The lighting uniformity factor must be maintained around 0.4 so as to avoid any uneven or patchy light in the field.
  • Pole height for domestic courts depending on light fittings and lighting levels is 6m to 8m. Low mounting will help you minimize glare and over-spill light. Whereas for public areas the required pole height can be up to 15m.                    Pole heights come under the strict control of local regulatory authorities.

We offer quality Luminaries with a variety of configurations to choose from, that will perfectly suit different lux levels and budget. Our offerings for High level Tennis lighting include  Philips, Sylvania, LED High power floodlights. These Luminaries come in various wattage and luminous efficiency. Contact us for more information and let us serve you better.

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