Multi-Purpose Lighting

SES lighting offers the latest high quality multipurpose LED lights for various sports played indoor as well as outdoor by taking into account the specific requirements of each sport. The main objective of lighting installation for sports facilities is to ensure clear visibility of the game’s progression for both players and spectators. Clear visibility is achieved by a combination of good illumination levels and even distribution of light across the playing field. 

But each sport has a specific illumination requirement. The illumination standards are designed according to the specific game requirements. Adhering to these standards ensure the quality of lighting installation and maintenance. Our multipurpose lighting solutions adhere to standards and give you the best results.

Often sports venues whether private or commercial, are not designed for more than one sports activity. But venues built for multiple sports must ensure that the lighting installations are suitable for various sports to be played.  The due consideration must be given to the lighting pole height and its positions around the court. The light produced should not interfere with the visibility of any individual present on-field or present in the arena. Typically it is difficult for individuals to give due consideration to all the products available in the market, also accurately assess the lighting requirements.

SES lighting guides clients through every step of luminaries’ installations or suggests the best possible solution for their queries.

In an ever-changing technological scenario, SES lighting has been a dependable name for multipurpose lighting installation and maintenance for more than 30 years.

Our extensive line of products provides an excellent solution for sports, commercial and car park lighting. Every project undertaken whether small or large is equally important to us. Satisfying every client’s need with excellent services has always been our prime objective.

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