Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting is commonly used in places such as restaurants, retail stores, offices, car parking area or buildings.  Lighting requirements vary for different spaces according to their use and functioning. Therefore it’s important to identify the purpose and required end result you want to achieve. With more than 40 years of experience in manufacture, installation and maintenance of commercial lighting, SES lighting provides most extensive products and services in luminaries. 
Appropriate lighting ensures that people working in the space are comfortable and safe. Commercial Lighting are often designed keeping in mind that they increase the productivity of the people and they can easily accomplish their tasks or activity. Frequently luminaries are also used to highlight the products displayed in commercial spaces or to create an ambience for a specific activity. 
The important aspects to consider before lighting solutions for your space include

We can  assist our clients in lighting designs that perfectly serves their purpose and adhere to the standards. Our commercial outdoor lighting products are most commonly installed in car parking areas, service stations and vehicle wash bays as security floodlighting.
Why choose LED?
Using Commercial LED lighting can help you dramatically reduce costs on lighting installations. The maintenance requirements of LED lighting are far less than regular luminaries. Thanks to advancements in luminaries’ technology, you can reap all the benefits without having to compromise on the required lux levels.
Our extensive line of products helps you choose luminaries for different projects, whether installation for small scale private project or for large arenas.  Feel free to contact us if you need any help and guidance with your Commercial Lighting requirements.

SES commercial lighting systems are most commonly installed for area and security flood lighting purposes within car parks, display yards, service stations and vehicle wash bays.

We recommend the SESY-ST9 range for commercial applications with a range that varies from 70W to 600W depending on client's requirements. For example, an external car sales area may require a higher light level than a car park.