Bowls Lighting

Bowls is mainly an outdoor sport played by rolling a biased ball as closer to the smaller ball called jack as possible. The bowling green is a surface on which the game commences and is often a natural grass ground or an artificial turf. All the deciding activities of the game happen around the four edges of the square bowling green. Therefore bright and even spread lighting at the edges of the green becomes utmost important. The lighting installations must emit light comfortable for players’ eyes and eliminate glare.
Being a competitive sport, the game demands players to perform for long hours without break and play with immense concentration. As a result, the game becomes exhaustive for players mentally as well as physically.  Appropriate bowl lighting can enhance player performance and minimize fatigue caused by heavy concentration levels.  Well maintained contrast makes it easier to track the ball movements.
Though bowls is predominantly an outdoor sport, many indoor bowling centers are also opening in the countries having a long winter season. This generates a requirement for improved lighting installations which are energy efficient and which can mimic the daylight conditions. LED bowl lights are the most suitable alternatives for competitive level bowling greens along with smaller bowls facilities. We offer luminaires with different specifications and configurations that perfectly satisfy the bowl lighting standards.
The lighting standards provided by Australian Standards for outdoor bowling green lighting AS2560.2.8, are as follows:

Training and competitive level game

Lux level :100

Maximum glare rating: 50

Maximum colour rendering index: 65

LED lights are durable and cost-effective; produce equally bright light throughout its life span.
If you are looking for detailed assessment of lighting requirements for your bowls facility, contacts us and consult with our experts. Our experts have vast experience and dedicate themselves completely to your project whether small or large.