Luminaries play an integral part in planning for any outdoor activity especially in the absence of daylight.  Low-intensity natural lighting conditions also demand efficient lighting solutions.
SES Lighting has world-class capabilities to provide you with an excellent solution that fulfills all your requirements of Sports, Commercial,Car parks Indoor and outdoor area Llghting.
In an ever-evolving industry, SES Lighting have been a trustworthy name for more than 40 years in providing energy-efficient and environmental products and quality lighting solutions. Established in 1982.
With experience gained over the 40 years in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of various lighting solutions, we provide a solution that well qualifies for the required lux standards and other design specifications.
Our extensive line of products includes Tennis lighting, Netball lighting, Bowls lighting, Multipurpose Court lighting, Soccer, Horse Arena lighting, Commercial lighting, Car park lighting, Car Sales Yards and Security lighting.

SES Lighting provides services to Local as well as Interstate clients directly or through a well-connected network of national distributors. Our long-standing relationship with distributors allows us to provide you with solutions at most competitive prices.

Our every project is equally important to us. We perform every project with utmost care and dedication. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy all client needs with excellent services.
As much as we are dedicated to our clients, we are equally committed to our goal of providing environmental lighting solutions. Leaving behind the traditional method of using Metal Halide Lighting, we are equipped with LED lighting solutions such as LED Tennis Court Lighting, LED sports lighting and multipurpose LED Lighting and much more. By choosing our products you can enhance the complete event experience.

Not just a product, we provide an experience.

Our expert team also offers mounting installation consulting and Light design, If you have any questions, require assistance, or are ready to light up your sports area or Tennis and netball courts with the best, we are just a phone call or email away.

We look forward to illuminating your sports Courts.

we specialize in

Tennis Lighting

Tennis Lighting

SES lighting has significant expertise in providing Tennis lighting solutions for clubs and residential Tennis Courts. Being in the business for more than 40 years

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Sports Lighting

Sports Lighting

As opposed to social, (residential) standard lighting, when playing competition level tennis in the evenings we recommend a '6 pole' low level LED Lighting system (general rule for a single court

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Bowls Lighting

Bowls Lighting

Bowls is mainly an outdoor sport played by rolling a biased ball as closer to the smaller ball called jack as possible. The bowling green is a surface on which the game commences and is often

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Lighting Products

Multi-purpose Lighting

SES lighting offers the latest high quality multipurpose LED lights for various sports played indoor as well as outdoor by taking into account the specific requirements of each sport.

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Our Services

Lighting Design

Illuminating a large area takes more than just guesswork. SES lighting provides computer-generated LUX (lighting intensity) printouts that perfectly fit your required specifications. Contact us anytime to get solutions for all your lighting requirements.

Quotations & Advice

Contact us to avail of our advisory service to achieve more precise lighting installation and mounting for all types of sports and commercial lighting applications. Contact us today to get quotations for all your lighting needs.


SES lighting offers the most efficient LED lighting solutions with effective installations.

Installation & Maintenance

Rely on our experts for installation and maintenance of all types of luminaries. We provide services right from replacing an LED light to carrying out complete electrical maintenance on site.